BGE Contemporary Art Projects

We specialize in providing contemporary art on commission, with emphasis on site-specific and thematic alteration.

BGE Contemporary Art Projects was founded in Stavanger in the spring of 2014, a collaboration between Marit Gillespie, Eli Lilleeng Ertvaag and Kim Brandstrup. We specialize in providing contemporary art in private, as well as public spaces on commission. Our projects are focused on art as an expressionof human creativity, and is consequently a significant factor in our experience of our everyday life.

The essential components in our art projects are planning and production, with a consistent quality control throughout the process. This is as significant in private projects in homes and collections, as it is for the commissions with larger corporations within both public and private sectors. All commissions are executed in close collaborations with the client and potentially with architects, interior architects or landscapers, depending on the given assignment.

BGE Contemporary Art Projects has been created on the bases of Galleri Brandstrup in Oslo, and is dedicated to working with a high profiled stall of artists on a project-to-project basis. The artists are selected with conviction, as renowned international and Scandinavian artists, as well as younger up-and-coming artists generated by the visual and conceptual wish of our clients.

Marit Gillespie has specialized in site-specific projects working with clients such as NSB, Price Water House Coopers, Terra Gruppen and Rom Eiendom to mention some. Through her experience as a director and co-founder of Galleri Brandstrup over the past three decades. Additionally, Gillespie has worked as organizer at several museums exhibitions. She has an eye for discovering new young artists with innovative and original perspectives.
Eli Lilleeng Ertvaag has completed an education in Business Administration, with a bachelor degree in Marketing Management and internationalization and a Master of Management (Handelsh√łyskolen BI). She has worked as project manager for Innovation Norway for two years, which is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Today she works with property development, as owner and consultant.
Kim Brandstrup has been director and co-founder of Galleri Brandstrup for the last thirty years, and has developed an expertise within the field of international and Scandinavian contemporary art. Brandstrup works with maintaining relationships with more established artists, by arranging for new developments for more matured artistries. Brandstrup has worked with numerous commissions, as well as being advisor for several significant collections, working with counseling for both private and public collectors.